2012 Schedule:

Saturday March 31 12:30-6:00
Saturday May 12 12:30-6:00
saturday August 18 12:30-6:00
Saturday September 15 12:30-6:00

Note: There Are no Field Fees!


You will need both
rules and release form
signed to play*

*Parent/legal guardian signature required for teens under 18 years of age

Revised Paintball Promo video

If You're Not In the Game...You're OUT!!!

WARNING:  Playing paintball at Echoing Hills Bible Camp may result in the realization
that Christians CAN have FUN without the need for the evils of this world!!! 

Echoing Hills Bible Camp
2669 Six Mile Lake Road
East Jordan, Mi. 49727
Ph. 231-544-2928

**Being marked by a paintball has been known to cause cancer in the state of California (although not as deadly as cell phone use, walking, reading the newspaper, reading this warning, patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, using certain types of hairgel, hairspray, tongue depressors, laundry detergents, chewing gum out of baseball card packs, etc., breathing or trying to play paintball with a marker other than a Tippmann)***
***This warning is intended for humor value only****
****If you do not find it humorous, then it has no value at all